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We're a small but dedicated team who researches the latest breakthroughs in science and clinical trials to help tinnitus sufferers. You'll find lots of techniques to improve your tinnitus, what to avoid to relieve tinnitus, and tips to help you find tinnitus relief.

Our mission at Tinnitus Liberty is to present the latest potential tinnitus cures and what doctors are currently prescribing to help the ringing in your ears. Our knowledgeable and investigative team of editors, writers and contributors are dedicated to present articles written in clear, easy to understand language taken from real medical research.

You can find the sources in our references section in the footer of every post. We feel strongly that you deserve the clear-cut facts, and be able to rely on a source that uses peer reviewed studies who looks at all the angles to present concise content.

The Tinnitus Liberty Team

Doug Morris

Doug Morris

Editorial Director, and Head of Research

Doug Morris is a health researcher who has spent over 30 years as a publisher and consultant in the natural health industry. During his retirement, he now spends upwards of 10 hours a day sifting through health journals and reading about new and exciting health breakthroughs - especially those regarding potential tinnitus cures. He then takes his finding and shares them with his readers in his newsletter. He considers this his life's work - making sure folks get the best, cutting edge information so they can take their health back into their own hands.

Ali Roth

Ali Roth

Managing Editor

Having always been interested in scientifically-accurate natural health remedies for her own health, Ali decided to turn this personal passion into a career. Studying preventive medicine, writing health articles and studying the latest journals on health issues to see what breakthroughs researchers are discovering is perfectly aligned with Ali's vision for a world where everyone has access to the best health information. 

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